How to exit Debug Browser in R

This works if you have enabled debugging for a single command/function, and you are not aware how to exit the Browser prompt. To save you the trouble, popular Googles that ask you to f or Q or ESC or q() simply do not work. The behavior of debug command is identical in RStudio and the R prompt, at least in Windows 10 that i tested.

Here are two examples of enabling/disabling debug.

First we use a random sapply command:

> sapply(split(mtcars$mpg, mtcars$cyl), mean)
4 6 8
26.66364 19.74286 15.10000

Now we turn debugging on:

> debug(sapply)

and, as expected, nothing happens until we try to run sapply again:

> sapply(split(mtcars$mpg, mtcars$cyl), mean)
debugging in: sapply(split(mtcars$mpg, mtcars$cyl), mean)
debug: {
FUN <-
answer <- lapply(X = X, FUN = FUN, ...)
if (USE.NAMES && is.character(X) && is.null(names(answer)))
names(answer) <- X if (!isFALSE(simplify) && length(answer)) simplify2array(answer, higher = (simplify == "array")) else answer } Browse[2]>

There are two things to type here. The first is the command undebug(). In this case will be sapply. Then, Q exits the Browser prompt, and we can run the function outside of debug mode again. Let’s see:

Browse[2]> undebug(sapply)
Browse[2]> Q
> sapply(split(mtcars$mpg, mtcars$cyl), mean)
4 6 8
26.66364 19.74286 15.10000

Identically with ls()

[1] "am" "carb" "cyl" "disp" "drat" "gear" "hp" "mpg" "qsec" "vs"
[11] "wt"
> debug(ls)
> ls(mtcars)
debugging in: ls(mtcars)
debug: {
if (!missing(name)) {
pos <- tryCatch(name, error = function(e) e)
if (inherits(pos, "error")) {
name <- substitute(name)
if (!is.character(name))
name <- deparse(name)
warning(gettextf("%s converted to character string",
sQuote(name)), domain = NA)
pos <- name
all.names <- .Internal(ls(envir, all.names, sorted))
if (!missing(pattern)) {
if ((ll <- length(grep("[", pattern, fixed = TRUE))) &&
ll != length(grep("]", pattern, fixed = TRUE))) {
if (pattern == "[") {
pattern <- "\\["
warning("replaced regular expression pattern '[' by '\\\\['")
else if (length(grep("[^\\\\]\\[<-", pattern))) {
pattern <- sub("\\[<-", "\\\\\\[<-",
warning("replaced '[<-' by '\\\\[<-' in regular expression pattern") } } grep(pattern, all.names, value = TRUE) } else all.names }

Browse[2]> Q
> ls(mtcars)
[1] "am" "carb" "cyl" "disp" "drat" "gear" "hp" "mpg" "qsec" "vs"
[11] "wt"

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